MLB 13: The Show is a Major League Baseball video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Sony San Diego. The game was released on March 5, 2013 and is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Andrew McCutchen, Centerfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was awarded the cover after he hit .327 with 31 home runs and 96 runs batted in en route to winning the Player's Choice National League Outstanding Player, as well as both the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards for center field.  However, what won him the cover was a fan vote in which he finished in first place with 108,147 votes.  McCutchen is the first Pirates player to be awarded the cover.


  • Offers beginner-friendly component. Players can play through Beginner Mode, learning the ropes as they go along. The game tracks performance and offers tips, but only focuses on pitching and hitting.
  • Cross-platform saves means players can experience the game on the PS3, then transfer what they've done to the Vita and vice versa.
  • Push/Pull Hitting Trajectories Engine: figure out what type of hitter you're facing and learn to adjust pitches accordingly; playing as a batter, players can utilize the engine to have a much better and more realistic batting experience
  • Fielding visualizations: when fielding, players are given a visual that determines the best to worst areas where to place your player to make a successful catch
  • The Show Live: this new feature incorporates real-world information into the game, such as teams being currently played, as well as injuries
  • "Button Accuracy": combines throw accuracy with how hard players press the button of the base they're throwing to
  • Franchise mode: includes a team budget tied to a team's performance
  • Postseason Mode: jump right into the postseason without having to slog through an entire season's worth of games


  • Improved hitting, pitching, and fielding.
  • Upgraded TV-style presentation.
  • Road to the Show continues, but is more streamlined
  • Improved on-line gaming
  • Improved training system lets players control what members of their team focus on, leading to dramatic improvements


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This game offers all 30 Major League Baseball Teams.

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