Now that MLB 13: The Show has been released, it's time to go through some of the reviews and see what others are saying about it. The following includes reviews both before and after launch.

  • Games Radar: The Show has the well-deserved reputation as the gold standard of current sports games, and thanks to its improved accessibility this season, more people should be able to enjoy it. It offers depth of gameplay and customization in a gorgeous, immersive baseball experience.
  • Digital Chumps: You will still be in awe of how good this game looks and how much detail players come with in terms of looks and animation. I'm very impressed at the end of the day with MLB 13 The Show's looks.
  • Kotaku: When I ponder how the next console generation could possibly make a game's graphics more stunning, MLB 13 The Show on the PlayStation 3 is the first thing I think of, because Christ almighty, no other sports video game, every year, is this good looking.
  • XXL: On the surface, MLB 13: The Show may not look much different from its predecessor to the casual eye, but new additions like the Post Season mode that allows you to jump in and fast track to the playoffs, the enhancements made to Road to The Show and Franchise, Show Live and the newly implemented Push/Pull Hitting Trajectories Engine prove that SCEA wasn’t going to just slap a fresh can of paint on an already established game and instead rolled out a worthy upgrade.
  • theScore: While there is another baseball video game out there, the Show has no competition on the console market. MLB 13: The Show is worth owning a PS3 on its own...
  • Operation Sports: when you take a core game that has been as outstanding as The Show has been, and proceed to tweak and refine nearly every aspect, you end up with a stellar game.
  • Destructoid: Both versions feel great to play. The added animations, batting stances, and physics-based ball reactions are all as welcomed as ever and making solid contact still feels satisfying.

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